Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Explanation writing / Essay - Should we stop climate change?

Do you think we should stop Climate Change? Yes, I think we should stop climate change because it’s killing animals and their habitats, Sea levels are rising and indigenous land, such as Tuvalu are being destroyed.

Firstly, animals and their habitats are not safe. The reason is because when we pollute, it creates holes in a protective circle called the Ozone Layer. The sun rays come through the holes of the Ozone Layer, and it reflects onto Earth and makes it hotter than it usually is. This will soon create flames, which destroys theirs home where they feed their families and reproduce. Another reason why animals and their habitats are not safe is because of plastic bags. Plastic bags are putting sea animals at risk of extinction. This is because we are polluting plastic bags that are going out to sea and suffocating or trapping the sea animals, like Turtles. If we don’t stop Climate Change and pollution now, most likely we will end up with endangered or extinct sea animal species.

Next, Sea levels are rising higher and higher each day because of pollution. The holes we create through the Ozone Layer allows heat from the sun rays to come down to Earth and it heats up ice from the Antarctic Islands. This creates more water than we already have. The more heat that comes in, the more water will start to overfill Earth. Earth will become nothing more than just water, heat and clouds. Some Islands like Tuvalu are starting to perish because of this.

Lastly, we need to protect indigenous lands. When we pollute we let heat into Earth, and melts the ice from the Antarctic Island. When the ice melts, Earth is exposed to more water, and it will likely take over islands like Tuvalu. We want to protect islands like Tuvalu because they are starting to perish. Another reason why we should protect islands like Tuvalu is because Tuvalu is one of our forgotten cultures and languages. Also the old men and women (Mama’s & Papa’s) don’t want to leave because Tuvalu is their home, where their ancestors lived. For example, when Tuvalu gets covered up with water, it will be gone forever. Also, it takes 14 steps to go from one side of the island to the other, which means the land is starting to perish already.

Do you still think we should stop Climate Change? These are the type of stuff that's already started to happen, and I agree with a girl named Greta Thunberg. I agree with her to stop Climate Change. So I hope you want to make a huge change for us all, to save islands like Tuvalu. Please feel free to leave a comment and tell me if your on my side to stop Climate Change!

Immersion Assembly - Welcome back to term 4

Immersion Assembly - term 4

Does your school do Immersion Assembly at the start of each term? Well, my school does. Today is monday the 14th of October, and there are only two things that I'm happy about. One, it’s the first day of school, and I get to hangout with my friends again, and two is that it’s my older sister’s birthday. So, today all the students and staff of Point England School gathered together for the first day of term 4! We all gathered up in the hall because each year we have an amazing assembly called the Immersion Assembly. My favorite act, out of all the teams was team 5. Team 5 is the year 7 and 8 territories. The teachers wore long hula skirts, and danced. They entertained the students of Point England School by dancing to a song called Waka Waka. The song Waka Waka came from a famous Latino and Aribic singer named Shakira. Then the teachers of team 5 did a Niuean or samoan dance from Lilo and Stitch, which I’m pretty sure is a Siva Samoa. Then last, they did the git it up song. To be honest, I think they did really good dancing, and not to be mean, but I think they did even better dancing than my older brother.

My Cheek Cell

This is another blog post of a drawing from what I saw in a microscope. This is my Cheek cell.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Ratio Practice

This week my math's class did a ratio practice. There are four simple ways to do this. I worked with my cousin Alison, and we finished this right on time.

Monday, 14 October 2019

Onion Cell - Microscope drawing

Onion Cell - Microscope Drawing  
Today, in my home class we did drawings of a Onion cell from a Microscopic view. The Microscope made it easier to see because, it had a close and clear view of the Onion cell. Here is the Link to the video of a lady drawing the Onion cell and how to properly draw it.

Thursday, 26 September 2019

Should we trust family more than friends

My Position: We should trust family more than friends!

Your friends might turn their back on you

Family relationships and loyalties are the strongest and most important

Family will always be by your side in your troubled times

Do you believe we should trust family more than friends? Honestly, this is quite difficult, because I trust both, but for this I think I can trust family more than friends because you might have fake friends that turn their backs on you, family will always be honest and loyal till the end, and family will always be by your side in the unpleasant times.

Firstly, I think I trust my family more than my own friends, because I'm afraid that my friends might end up being fake and turning their backs on me. Unlike family, they actually stick you until you know you’ve had enough. For example, when me and my cousin were little we used to be best friends with this one girl named Tiare. She used to be our friend, until we found out that she started telling rumors about me and my cousin Jarreka. So now we make sure that our friends are people who are with us in our darkest times. Which brings me to my next point.

My next point is that family will always be honest and loyal. The only reason why I say this is because, when you have a really big crush on someone or you just have a big secret you expect your family to keep it a secret, which they will, but with friends, one mistake and boom your secret has been broadcasted to the world. So basically it’s like my first point…. Only that family will always be there to keep your secrets safe with them and that they make sure your happy.

Lastly, your family will always be there to look after you when your sad. This is my main reason why I trust my family over my friends. The actual reason why I love this is because it’s TRUE. People say family will only laugh at you, but the truth to that is that they only say that because, probably there family didn’t care if they cried. That’s why I know that it’s important to tell your family if there is any drama happening at school or even at your own home, so that they can help you deal with whatever problem you’ve got.

So do you think that you can trust family more? I think this is a very valuable lesson to the people who disagreed at first because this can teach you to not be afraid to tell anyone about your problems, make sure that your secret only goes to someone you trust with all your heart, and that you don’t end up having fake friends like me and my cousin jarreka did. So that brings you to the end of my talk, hope you enjoyed it, and hope you agree with this.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Intro to Algebra 2

This week for math's, we did another intro to algebra, but this time we had to find out the hidden letters in the numbers of the alphabet.