Friday, 24 February 2017

game playing in class

Today I was doing SSR which stands for Sustained silent reading.Until like Maybe 5.00 my literacy group room ten got stopped like this stop,look and listen and then all of us in room ten literacy stopped while room 9 was going to the pt england library.  When we stopped then she told us that we had to pack up and I thought, why would she tell us to pack up when we have just started???? Until one I think one of my friends asked miss west, miss why do we have to pack up??? then miss west said that you will find out once I tees you on the big Matt so then me and my friend went and sat down on the big Matt.When some of us sat down another friend of mine asked miss west if we have to go into a circle and she said nothing to her until all of us sat down then miss west said actually yeah that's a pretty good idea, so then all of us sat down into a circle. After that said to us to stop, look and listen then we said the same thing. After that miss west said we will be playing a game at it was called unity the human knot and the reason why we called it the was because we had make a knot by using ourself and then try to unity the human knot. After that miss west said that she will put us into three teams and I was in team three with Tamaki, Esther,Eden,Nesi,Caleb,Jedida, Lennox and myself. We went into a small circle and then all of us raised our left hand and stretched it to the person who was in front of us. While we were trying to work it out another teacher Tyson came to help us but we didn’t really get what Tyson was telling us but felt grateful of him stepping in and helping us so thank you. After the game we had to go back and do our work.

Photos below: