Friday, 18 November 2016

Friday, 4 November 2016

Making bread rolls

Three weeks ago made my class made bread rolls that  looked like rocks. Before we tasted it we had to put on butter that we made in a groups. When we tasted it, It tasted very nice but it was to hard for me to eat because it was to big and i really wanted to save it but i didn't wan't to small like my bag so i took very little pits and made them into a ball and i ate it.

Bubble poem

In the air there is a flexible, wobbly, shiny and wet bubble that looks like a ball. Flying away in the air with the wind the bubble gently wobbles to the sky. With a single drop from the bubble is like a drop of the rain but a poisoned. When the wind is not howling the bubble can come down to the ground and gently pop.

My bush walk story

In a dark and scary forest there was two girls taking a walking in the middle of a cave.  There names were Lucy and Rosie.  They were sisters that really wanted to hunt for a dragon.  They wanted a dragon with wings had a fire breathing mouth and had two eyes and a big nose to smell something.  They were also hoping that the dragon was like a dog but with wings.  Rosie said to Lucy that if they found a dragon she would name it gray because the dragon would be gray but Lucy said no!  Because she was a girly girl so she wanted to name it fuzzy.  Until they heard a noise. Roar! It sounded like a dragon said Rosie.  Lucy said no it can’t be a dragon and Rosie said Yes it definitely is a dragon.  Lucy said that she would like to stay where it is safer until she heard the nose get even louder.  Rosie said well if you want to get eaten alive then you can stay there.  Lucy thinned and thinned until she talked Rosie doesn’t know dragons live in a cave and Rosie said Yes in a strung voice.  Lucy said and aren't we standing in the front of a cave and Rosie said Yes so they went into the cave and they saw a dragon giving birth to two baby dragons.  Until three adults came in and said yes we found a big dragon.  One of the adults was a kind adult and the other were two mean adults.  The kind adolf said no these two girls found it and Rosie and Lucy said thank you.  When the adults heard that they said don’t you want to be famous and the kind adolt said yes Then help us bring the dragon to our village. The kids said that's not fair we found this dragon first then the adults said that haven't you seen how sad our village is. Well it will be sad to see the village safer in pane said Lucy but Rosie Said ya but do you knew how cool it will be if we ride on a real dragon and Lucy said that she should have not been sisters with Rosie and Rosie said that she should have not been sisters with Lucy. All three adults said that there plane has worked and that if one of the girls come and be with us then maybe we can make one of them help us and then betrayed them. When the kind adult heard that he tiptoed to the two girls and told them the two mean adult plan. When they heard that they said what!! Very very loud. Shhhhhhh said the kind adult because if the two mean adults knew that i told you then they will not aloud me to be their friend anymore. What said Lucy in a very small voice. Well let me tell you. A long way back when i was 5 i had just started school and i was a bit like a nerd. I had brown skin like the ground, yellow hair like the sun and i was so shy that i almost peed my pants until i saw these two. They were brothers that played in a band that i loved ever since i was 4. They loved green like me they had brown skin like me and they had yellow hair like me. That time they were very very kind. When people were being mean to me they come and save me like this one time i was 6 and i was walking to school with my older sister named Amber. We were walking to school until my sister saw her friends so she went with them and left me walking the class by myself.There i was just walking to school until mean boys started to fight with me and i didn’t know how to fight that time and look and me now. Just carry on with the story or else i will leave said Rosie. Okey man jezzzzzzzz. Okey so i was just lying down because i thought that if i acted like i was dead then i think that they will go away. Well i was lying down i knew that they would go away but they didn’t. They started to kick me and one of them kicked me in the head until them two came along. When they saw me they said to leave me alone and that if they didn’t then they will tell on them on their mother and fathers and also the principal or the teacher. Then the meanys said okay we will leave him alone and one day wheel come for you guys. When i saw them do that for me i felt like they were my brothers and that i can trust them on anything. Until…. One faithful day when i was at there house we were watching our favourite movie called pitch perfect 2. We had popcorn, 3 big bottles of diet coc, a big block of chocolate and one big jar of lollies. It was so fun until they saw a website about if you want to be famous you have to look for a big scary monster and if we did then we would be able to have as much money as we want.Then that is when they said if we should go and look for a dragon and i said yes but i wasn't thinking at all so then we packed lots and lots of food and lots of water bottles. While we were wondering around we heard a noise. One of the brothers said if we heard that and i said no i didn’t hear that because i bring a egg. Then one of the brothers said what!! Why would you bring a egg. I said because i was a vegetarian and you vegetarians we don’t like to eat meat. Then he said well why couldn’t you just grab something else and i said that i love eggs more than anything else. Until we winded up in here. So ya thats the end of my story. When looked at Lucy and Rosie he saw them crying. When he saw them crying he said to them if they could please be quiet for just one second. When he that Lucy and Rosie were doing a very strange noise. The two adults very close to them so they said is this why you don’t want to become famous. The kind adult said yes it’s because this isn't rite we have to let the two girls take the dragon with them. Until Rosie had a idea and it was that if we could show our parents and take a  photo with it and show our family then you guys can get it and try taking it back to where you guys came from bt please promise to us that you will take very good care of fuzzy. Fine hen we have a diele. But if you girls break the promise them you girls have to be our slaves. Okey then and if you guys break the promise then you guys have to give us 9000 dollars.     The End

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mad scientis story.

On an island there was a mad scientist named Dr Minyak. He had a mysterious hideout that was in a underground lab. Dr Minyak had nice black hair and a very long beard. He also had brown eyes and always wear glasses whenever he does a experiment. He had a assistant that worked for him and his name was twist. Twist would always mess up Dr Minyaks evil ideas.People called Dr Minyak a ‘’crazy’’ amitur scientist because whenever  he makes something it always seems to fall because of his assistant.

Dr Minyak always dreamed of tafking over the world so he made a beautiful moth into a akuma. A akuma is a evil experiment that goes into other sad people's things. Whenever the akuma goes into other sad people's things then it makes them become a monster and whatever happened to them they can do it to other people by using their powers on them. Once when Dr Minyak got a akuma into one person that person turned into a valentine heart crasher. Well he was crashing other people’s hearts then got stopped by two super hero’s. Now Dr Minyak is making another evil experiment called the memory laser. The memory laser will only take away your memory for one week.

Well he was making the memory laser he realized how his mother and father would feel if he was taking over the world so he stopped and he called the precedent and said that he is very sorry about his behaviour and that he will accept his punishment. When the precedent heard that he said that Dr Minyak does not deserve a punishment deserves a good lab and good people around him so he said to him that i will not give you a punishment unless you promise that you will not do anything bad to us and Dr Minyak said okay. Then everyone lived happily ever after       

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Opening our ginger beer

Today we had our ginger beer at school. When we opened it, it started to explode like a volcano but on a bench.


Friday, 21 October 2016

The Run Away Robot

Once upon a time there was a  mad scientist who made a robot named Judy and she was a girl who had two legs and two hands she looked like a real human. While Judy was sleeping she dreamed of escaping  from her creator because she has been living inside a prison for 30 years. While her creator was sleeping she wrote a note and it said I am very sorry you have to hear this but I ran away from home because you have kept me inside your lab for a very long time and now I want to be free so I hope you have fun without me around love Judy. Next morning when the creator woke up he said Judy o Judy where are you until he saw a note that said from Judy and he new that it was going to be bad so he opened it and he read it. When he finished reading it he felt very sad and he started to cry.Well Judy was walking she was so hungry so when it was night time she went back to the lad and she grabbed some food until she heard crying from her creators bedroom. Well she was grabbing some food and hearing her creator crying she heard the nose get even louder and louder so she scanned the nose and it said that he was coming so she quickly grabbed lots and lots of food out of the creators frig and cubed and grabbed her box and a blanket and ran away under a school playground and the school's name was Pt england school and it was a very  kind school with a principal named russell burt. In the morning she woke up and saw lots and lots of kids playing on the playground. When she saw them she got so scared that she started to scream and shout out please I have no harm to you wonderful kids please spare me I am begging you please!!! When the kids heard her they said that they will not do anything bad to you we just want someone to play with our friend Lagi and he is a boy who loves cats and dogs. Cats, dogs what are those said Judy and the kids said a cat is a very furry animal that has two eyes and ears and have a very small mouth. Then what is a dog and the kids said a dog is like a cat but less furry and does not have a very small mouth. Ok said Judy is it ok if i play with friend yes said the kids you can play with her but just one question yes anything can you tell us where you came from asked the kids. Judy said she was created by a mad scientist until I ran away because he was making her in his servant when she just wanted to be free. So why did you run away when you could have just told him that you just wanted to be free? I didn’t think about that said Judy. Thank you kids for helping me ficks my mistakes. Your welcome said the kids. Come on girls lets go and make younger kids happy,ok. While Judy was walking home her creator was wishing that he wasn't mean to Judy in the first place so he walked around his house until he saw a reflection of Judy. Well Judy was walking she saw a reflection of her creator. When they were both walking they saw each other and said I missed you so much. Can you forgive me. Judy said I don’t know if I should or if I should not. The creator said that he was so sorry for treating her like a prisoner inside his lad and then Judy said that she was going to forgive her creator for what he has done.

                                                             THE END

Friday, 30 September 2016


The Olympics began over 2 and a half thousand years ago in ancient Greece. In those days Greece was made up of several different states including Athens, Sparta and Corinth and they were often at war with each other but when the games were on they held a truce. This great event was held at a place called Olympia and this is why the games are called the Olympics. They were held once every 4 years a honour of Zeus lord of all the gods. Eventually the Ancient Olympics were abolished by the Roman Emperor Theodosius the first who was a christian and didn't like the games because they were dedicated to a pagan god. But the Olympics were always remembered as a symbol of human achievement and peace.

My clook

Greece and Athens

This is my story about a boy named Pheidippides

Usain Bolt

As Usain Bolt crossed the finish line he felt very proud of himself because while he was running he could hear the crowd shouting his name. When people wanted to get a interview from Usain Bolt he gave them what they wanted. During his interview he realised what he had achieved and was so proud of himself.

Pierre de Coubertin The Olympic father

After a gap of hundreds of years the Olympics returned to Athens in 1896 the reason behind the recreation of the Olympics was because of one man  Pierre de Coubertin. He admired the Greek ideals of fitness and sporting competitiveness amongst different communities and he hoped that the modern Olympics would bring the contents together.               

Friday, 23 September 2016

Olympics games

 This is my Animation about Beach volleyball in the Rio Olympics 2016.

Monday, 29 August 2016

My fractions

 This is my fractions. We are learning to do fractions in shapes. 

Friday, 26 August 2016

Ben Johnson

In the beginning a lady said that Ben Johnson didn’t look human to her because of his  huge muscles and his big red eyes. A man also said that Ben Johnson’s start was just phenomenal because when he started he was so close to winning the race. Well Ben Johnson was racing in the 100 metres sprint with carl lewis, ben Johnson broke the world record. After the amazing race Ben Johnson got a medal for winning the race but they didn’t no that he took drugs. After that Ben Johnson raced to the airport with his medal because he didn’t want to get caught for taking drugs. Before he could get on the plane they did a urine test on Ben Johnson. When they finally found out that Ben Johnson took drugs then they stripped off Ben Johnson's gold medal.
The End

Friday, 19 August 2016

Pheiddippides run to Athens

Thousands of years ago there was a boy named Pheidippides. There were two countries fighting, the Greeks and the Persians. They were fighting in a place called Marathon. Well the two countries were still  fighting one of the countries won and that was the Greeks. Pheidippides run to Athens because he had to share good news that they won.

In Marathon it was summer and in  summer it was smoking hot. Pheidippides had to run 42km to share the good news to Athens that they had won. He had to run over rocky mountains. It must been 10 hours to get to Athens to spread the good news. He also had to run under the sun with nothing with him but his clothes.  

In Athens Pheidippides shouted “Joy we won! Before Pheidippides could go back to Greece he died. He died because he had no food, drink or shelter to protect himself from the sun. From this day on Pheidippides was always remembered as a  deserving boy who was deserved a trophy.  

Friday, 29 July 2016

The Ancient Olympics

The Olympics began over 2 and a half thousand years ago in ancient Greece. In those days Greece was made up of several different states including Athens, Sparta and Corinth and they were often at war with each other but when the games were on they held a truce. This great event was held at a place called Olympia and this is why the games are called the Olympics. They were held once every 4 years a honour of Zeus lord of all the gods. Eventually the Ancient Olympics were abolished by the Roman Emperor Theodosius the first who was a christian and didn't like the games because they were dedicated to a pagan god. But the Olympics were always remembered as a symbol of human achievement and peace.

Friday, 8 July 2016

My dream bedroom

This is my dream bedroom were i can do what ever i want to do in it.

My 6 thinking hats

How I feel about my artwork or the whole process.
I felt very proud of my artwork  because it took me long week to finish my artwork. I also Felt a bite excited because it was so much fun.
What did I enjoy most of all or what was the best thing about my painting.
I enjoyed painting. I also enjoyed talking to my friends while painting because sometimes it gets so lonely while painting.
What did I find hard or I didn’t like.
It was so hard to paint because the paint was getting so dried that i was not able to paint. I did not like my painting because it was going in the out lines.                        
How can I do my art better next time?
I will try to be a bite more positive when i am painting because when i was 5 years old i did not know how to do painting.  I will also try to be a bite more careful when having new people around the classroom.
What was the most interesting thing I did or my friends did.
I loved my friend Hopes painting it was so inspiring because it had so much detail in it. I loved my other friend Amira's painting because her painting was so delicate and pretty.

What did I learn most about?
I  learned how to draw on a paper very soft  when doing art. I also learnt how to make a Eiffel Tower  from paris, france.

Thursday, 7 July 2016


 This is my Tessellation Picture. My whole class is doing a tessellation work.My colors represents the waka's like hine moana,

The London Eye

In London there is a ferris wheel called the London eye. By the time you get to the top you will have a outstanding view but you might also be scared. The London eye is 120 metres tall. It is a comfortable ride and the carriages are very spacious.

The Colosseum

In the Colosseum there Is a king, the king stays up the top of the Colosseum. The king says to the guards to bring the gladIators out. The Colosseum Is 2000 years old, this Colosseum Is IndestructIble.  The Colosseum Is an archered building.  In the Colosseum tourist destination, tourist destination means like people are going to other places, the Colosseum has a lot of history In It.


In a village there was a Taniwha. The sea characters were in great danger from the taniwha,The taniwha will come out at night to feed anyone who crosses it’s lake.  The Taniwha was a threat to the villagers. The villagers  knew that the
Taniwha was going to eat them by the time they go out on it’s river, then They  will be eaten. The taniwha was Scared of the sun, Every morning the taniwha would go back into the sea. One day in the morning there was a little boy named Tamarereti,He had awoken from his house. Tamarereti was stretching out his legs fingers and hands. Tamarereti belly was rumbling, Tamarereti looked in his basket but it was empty. Tamarereti went out fishing in his waka in lake Taupo. The wind was blowing Tamarereti waka so then he could fish. Tamarereti caught 3 large he was very happy until he realized that the wind had died down, Tamarereti had no way on retiring back home. It was still morning,Tamarereti thought that there was still more time so he fell asleep in his waka. Well Tamarereti was sleeping the wind was up, The wind pushed Tamarereti waka to lake Topu. When Tamarereti woke up he found himself in the island of lake Topu. It was nighttime and Tamarereti was still on lake Topu. well Tamarereti was still on Lake Topu he grabbed out his fish and cooked them in a fire, Well he was cooking his fish he found little glowing pebbles. Tamarereti put as much pebbles in his waka,Well he was rouing his waka he frou the pebbles into the sky. Tamarereti got back home without getting eaten by the taniwha. Tamarereti was home again, He fell asleep and then he woke up again. Next morning Tamarereti had a guest waiting for him at the door, It was Ranginui. Tamarereti was sure he was bound to be punished for destroying Ranginui's perfect dark sky. But Ranginui did not punish Tamarereti Ranginui said karora Tamarereti. Ranginui also said that he will also put

Te Tuhi

First thing in the morning my classroom was separated into two teams. There were two groups, group one and group two. Group one went first to a place called Te Tuhi which was down in pakuranga. Then group one came back after morning tea. When group one came back group two went to Te Tuhi in the same bus that group one went on. Te Tuhi was an art centre. When we came it looked like it was night time but it was not night time. When group two came to Te Tuhi art centre was a place the was filled with amazing art. When we came to Te Tuhi Art centre we were having a tour around the art centre by a man named Jeremy. Jeremy was the toret of te Tuhi. There were two lines, one was for the boys and one was for the girls. Jeremy talk us to the place where you can make your own dream house out of shapes. But before we made our dream house we had to put our names and what classroom with a pencil.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

My geomentry garden.

This is my geomentry garden. I made it out of shapes, papper to mkae flowers and i also made a butter fles and we also had to use a thing called die to paint the blue sky.

We are describing the different parts of our garden and what geometry features they show.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.01.44 PM.png
What type of symmetry do your flowers have?
In my garden my flowers have…Rotational symmetry.

This means that… It means that it still looks the same even when it rolls over.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.04.33 PM.png
What type of symmetry does your butterfly have?  
In my garden my butterfly has...reflective symmetry.

This means that...It means it is like a mirror image.It also means that if you have a shapesand you  foled it in half then it will show you the same thing but it is in half.
Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 6.07.41 PM.png
What geometry feature does your pathway show?
In my garden my pathway shows...Tessellation.

To make my pathway I… I had to put shapes to make my pathway.

This means that.. It means that I used shapes to make it without any gaps in  it.

Friday, 1 July 2016

My New Duffy Book

Jul 1, 2016 11:53:25 AM.jpg
Hi my name is Mamarae and this is my new book The Scruffy puppy. It is so cute and cool, But most of all it is my treasure. I have always dreamed about having a book that is a chapter. Thank you Manaiakalani people for the Duffy books.

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is in Paris, France. The Eiffel Tower is 320 metres tall, when you go all the way to the top you will have breathtaking views. The Eiffel Tower is a metal structure, the Eiffel Tower also has an arched base. At night The Eiffel Tower glows the glow goes with the London eye glow.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

The London eye

In London there is a ferris wheel called the London eye. By the time you get to the top you will have a outstanding view but you might also be scared. The London eye is 120 metres tall. It is a comfortable ride and the carriages are very spacious.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day mum.I really hope you love me and my friend's movie for Mother's Day. I may not have said this but i really love you so mach

Wednesday, 13 April 2016


As I came onto the stage to perform I felt very happy inside because my family was supporting me.

At Fiafia during my Cook Island performance I was feeling very happy because my family was cheering for the cook Island group.    

As I walked off the stage  my tutor Mr Moran and Miss Nalder said that the whole cook Island group was amazing! I was so so proud to represent my cook Island whanau. 


Tuesday, 5 April 2016


In the warm pool I was swimming and it was very fun. Diving in the water I was swimming to the end of the pool. I was really good at swimming.

Friday, 18 March 2016

The frog

Floating on a leaf a cricket was peaceful until a big slimy green frog came along. Gripping onto tree the frog was catching his prey which was a little cricket. The frog was using it’s  long tongue to get a very small cricket. When the cricket was in the frog's mouth the cricket was sad and the frog was happy. The frog.jpg

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

THE bomb

Riding on a bike a boy turned his bike to the front. He rode his bike to the man. When the boy saw the man he said “hay cucaz, who are you?” “I am god” the man said.

Friday, 11 March 2016

The New NZ flag

New Zealanders have begun voting on whether to change their flag from a design which features the British Union Jack to one that features a silver fern. Some people say that the current flag is similar to Australia flag. Also New Zealand is no longer a part of Britain and we need a new flag that represent our nation.   New NZ Flag (1).png

Friday, 4 March 2016

The Blob

the bloob.jpgNestled within the blue and yellow pillow. Eager children anticipated the ride. The countdown was on. Three two one.Terror was mixed  with excitement was written all over  their faces as they were catapulted towards the sky. spinning, twirling and tumbling. The children  twisted their way into the air. As they plummeted towards the water. Their faces grinned with delight. Splash! "Can I have another go please?."

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

My Key Competency Goal

What is your goal?      
my goal is to share my best work with my audience.

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 2.47.03 pm (6).png

Friday, 26 February 2016

Roller coaster

Roller coaster are truly my worst nightmare,I could not believe I here. But I bravely stepped forward. I had never been more terrified ,than when I stood looking up at that monstrosity. Closing my eyes,I wished over and over  again that the ride would soon be over.With the wind rushing past my face,I would hardly see anything.Would we make it out alive?Rollercoaster.jpg

Friday, 19 February 2016

The Dark Forest

There was a forbidden forest. There was a little girl named Starler. There was a little boy named Flash. Starler was only  7 years old. Flash was only 8 years old. Starler and Flash were cousins. Flash would go to Starler’s house and stay there just for a little minute. 

When Starler and Flash got older Flash and Starler forgot about their play date. But Flash did not know that there was a forbidden forest. Flash went in the forbidden forest. Flash fell in a  big deep hole. A helicopter saw a child in a big deep whole. One person saw Flash and cheered Flash up and saved Flash.

Sunday, 7 February 2016

All About Me

Hi my name is Mamarei . I am 8 years old. I am from the Cook Islands and I love it. My cousins names are Jarreka,William,Tata, Kurtas. My favourite songs are almost all of them. My favourite colour is pink, yellow, red, green and blond. I love Kapa haka because it is fun.