Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mad scientis story.

On an island there was a mad scientist named Dr Minyak. He had a mysterious hideout that was in a underground lab. Dr Minyak had nice black hair and a very long beard. He also had brown eyes and always wear glasses whenever he does a experiment. He had a assistant that worked for him and his name was twist. Twist would always mess up Dr Minyaks evil ideas.People called Dr Minyak a ‘’crazy’’ amitur scientist because whenever  he makes something it always seems to fall because of his assistant.

Dr Minyak always dreamed of tafking over the world so he made a beautiful moth into a akuma. A akuma is a evil experiment that goes into other sad people's things. Whenever the akuma goes into other sad people's things then it makes them become a monster and whatever happened to them they can do it to other people by using their powers on them. Once when Dr Minyak got a akuma into one person that person turned into a valentine heart crasher. Well he was crashing other people’s hearts then got stopped by two super hero’s. Now Dr Minyak is making another evil experiment called the memory laser. The memory laser will only take away your memory for one week.

Well he was making the memory laser he realized how his mother and father would feel if he was taking over the world so he stopped and he called the precedent and said that he is very sorry about his behaviour and that he will accept his punishment. When the precedent heard that he said that Dr Minyak does not deserve a punishment deserves a good lab and good people around him so he said to him that i will not give you a punishment unless you promise that you will not do anything bad to us and Dr Minyak said okay. Then everyone lived happily ever after       

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Opening our ginger beer

Today we had our ginger beer at school. When we opened it, it started to explode like a volcano but on a bench.


Friday, 21 October 2016

The Run Away Robot

Once upon a time there was a  mad scientist who made a robot named Judy and she was a girl who had two legs and two hands she looked like a real human. While Judy was sleeping she dreamed of escaping  from her creator because she has been living inside a prison for 30 years. While her creator was sleeping she wrote a note and it said I am very sorry you have to hear this but I ran away from home because you have kept me inside your lab for a very long time and now I want to be free so I hope you have fun without me around love Judy. Next morning when the creator woke up he said Judy o Judy where are you until he saw a note that said from Judy and he new that it was going to be bad so he opened it and he read it. When he finished reading it he felt very sad and he started to cry.Well Judy was walking she was so hungry so when it was night time she went back to the lad and she grabbed some food until she heard crying from her creators bedroom. Well she was grabbing some food and hearing her creator crying she heard the nose get even louder and louder so she scanned the nose and it said that he was coming so she quickly grabbed lots and lots of food out of the creators frig and cubed and grabbed her box and a blanket and ran away under a school playground and the school's name was Pt england school and it was a very  kind school with a principal named russell burt. In the morning she woke up and saw lots and lots of kids playing on the playground. When she saw them she got so scared that she started to scream and shout out please I have no harm to you wonderful kids please spare me I am begging you please!!! When the kids heard her they said that they will not do anything bad to you we just want someone to play with our friend Lagi and he is a boy who loves cats and dogs. Cats, dogs what are those said Judy and the kids said a cat is a very furry animal that has two eyes and ears and have a very small mouth. Then what is a dog and the kids said a dog is like a cat but less furry and does not have a very small mouth. Ok said Judy is it ok if i play with friend yes said the kids you can play with her but just one question yes anything can you tell us where you came from asked the kids. Judy said she was created by a mad scientist until I ran away because he was making her in his servant when she just wanted to be free. So why did you run away when you could have just told him that you just wanted to be free? I didn’t think about that said Judy. Thank you kids for helping me ficks my mistakes. Your welcome said the kids. Come on girls lets go and make younger kids happy,ok. While Judy was walking home her creator was wishing that he wasn't mean to Judy in the first place so he walked around his house until he saw a reflection of Judy. Well Judy was walking she saw a reflection of her creator. When they were both walking they saw each other and said I missed you so much. Can you forgive me. Judy said I don’t know if I should or if I should not. The creator said that he was so sorry for treating her like a prisoner inside his lad and then Judy said that she was going to forgive her creator for what he has done.

                                                             THE END