Thursday, 28 September 2017

Guardians of the Galaxy - Writing a story

Lucy was in her hidden lab trying to do an experiment but then it all went wrong because she was to excited to even look at how many carbon fiber she should put in because you can only put five drops of science carbon fiber, but Instead….. she put in twenty drops  inside. It exploded right in the front of her face and made her cry until she looked at her experiment, it was a evil Astronaut?? She said. The Astronaut flew away and left her a message saying that one day i will rise against the whole of humanity and destroy it along with the earth.

She was agitated so she went to the president named Wendy and told her that something wrong happend at her hidden lab. So the president said to her to look for your creation and tell it to be one with nature, but then Lucy said that she can’t because her creation has gone into space and also because her creation is threatening mother nature her and her country. Wendy said that since it’s Lucy’s fault for making that experiment and also for not being serious about her experiment and if she was serious about it then it will would have been an amazing but instead it is evil, so now Lucy has to go into a rocket ship and fly away into space to find a new home and to search for her creation. She went around the world and found her creation and destroyed it. She came back to earth to tell Wendy that earth is not going to be destroyed.

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