Friday, 19 August 2016

Pheiddippides run to Athens

Thousands of years ago there was a boy named Pheidippides. There were two countries fighting, the Greeks and the Persians. They were fighting in a place called Marathon. Well the two countries were still  fighting one of the countries won and that was the Greeks. Pheidippides run to Athens because he had to share good news that they won.

In Marathon it was summer and in  summer it was smoking hot. Pheidippides had to run 42km to share the good news to Athens that they had won. He had to run over rocky mountains. It must been 10 hours to get to Athens to spread the good news. He also had to run under the sun with nothing with him but his clothes.  

In Athens Pheidippides shouted “Joy we won! Before Pheidippides could go back to Greece he died. He died because he had no food, drink or shelter to protect himself from the sun. From this day on Pheidippides was always remembered as a  deserving boy who was deserved a trophy.  

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