Saturday, 15 April 2017

On Saturday

On Saturday me, my mum, dad and older sister went to the Otahuhu pools. Before me and my family went to the pools we had to get everything and everyone ready to go. Me and my sister had to put on our swimming togs on, then have breakfast witch was rice bubbles and milk. After that our mum and dad got ready to go.

My mum went shower while my dad was eating breakfast. When my mum and dad finished having there breakfast and shower, then me and my sister got our food ready and put it in our bags. When me and my sister had finished putting our food in our bags we went in my dads car while me and my sisters bags stay at the back.In the car my dad was playing his music from his phone witch was so cool and fun.

When ever the song finished me and my sister would pick another song and then we'd sing to it as my dad drives. Then finally we arrived at the Otahuhu pools. Me and my family got out of the car grabbed our bags and went in. Everyone was having so much fun that I took off my bag ran into the bathroom and got change.

After changing me and my sister went into the pools and started swimming. Me and my sister saw the lifeguards opening the slide so I went inside and it was cool because it was so slippery that when I sat  down I straight away went flying down and I thought that my sister was going to catch me like she said but instead she put her hands out and when i came down my sister didn't catch me. After a few hours later me and my sister ate, then when we finished eating and went back into the pool.

Then a few more hours later our mum said that we had to go out because you had to do shopping so we did. We went shower got changed and went. After we finished our shopping we came back home and relaxed.

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  1. Wow, Mamarei, it sounds like you had a lot of fun going down the slide at the pools. Words like "slippery" and "flying" make me think it was a very fast journey down that slide! How did you feel when your sister didn't catch you at the bottom?