Thursday, 27 October 2016

Mad scientis story.

On an island there was a mad scientist named Dr Minyak. He had a mysterious hideout that was in a underground lab. Dr Minyak had nice black hair and a very long beard. He also had brown eyes and always wear glasses whenever he does a experiment. He had a assistant that worked for him and his name was twist. Twist would always mess up Dr Minyaks evil ideas.People called Dr Minyak a ‘’crazy’’ amitur scientist because whenever  he makes something it always seems to fall because of his assistant.

Dr Minyak always dreamed of tafking over the world so he made a beautiful moth into a akuma. A akuma is a evil experiment that goes into other sad people's things. Whenever the akuma goes into other sad people's things then it makes them become a monster and whatever happened to them they can do it to other people by using their powers on them. Once when Dr Minyak got a akuma into one person that person turned into a valentine heart crasher. Well he was crashing other people’s hearts then got stopped by two super hero’s. Now Dr Minyak is making another evil experiment called the memory laser. The memory laser will only take away your memory for one week.

Well he was making the memory laser he realized how his mother and father would feel if he was taking over the world so he stopped and he called the precedent and said that he is very sorry about his behaviour and that he will accept his punishment. When the precedent heard that he said that Dr Minyak does not deserve a punishment deserves a good lab and good people around him so he said to him that i will not give you a punishment unless you promise that you will not do anything bad to us and Dr Minyak said okay. Then everyone lived happily ever after       

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