Thursday, 7 July 2016


In a village there was a Taniwha. The sea characters were in great danger from the taniwha,The taniwha will come out at night to feed anyone who crosses it’s lake.  The Taniwha was a threat to the villagers. The villagers  knew that the
Taniwha was going to eat them by the time they go out on it’s river, then They  will be eaten. The taniwha was Scared of the sun, Every morning the taniwha would go back into the sea. One day in the morning there was a little boy named Tamarereti,He had awoken from his house. Tamarereti was stretching out his legs fingers and hands. Tamarereti belly was rumbling, Tamarereti looked in his basket but it was empty. Tamarereti went out fishing in his waka in lake Taupo. The wind was blowing Tamarereti waka so then he could fish. Tamarereti caught 3 large he was very happy until he realized that the wind had died down, Tamarereti had no way on retiring back home. It was still morning,Tamarereti thought that there was still more time so he fell asleep in his waka. Well Tamarereti was sleeping the wind was up, The wind pushed Tamarereti waka to lake Topu. When Tamarereti woke up he found himself in the island of lake Topu. It was nighttime and Tamarereti was still on lake Topu. well Tamarereti was still on Lake Topu he grabbed out his fish and cooked them in a fire, Well he was cooking his fish he found little glowing pebbles. Tamarereti put as much pebbles in his waka,Well he was rouing his waka he frou the pebbles into the sky. Tamarereti got back home without getting eaten by the taniwha. Tamarereti was home again, He fell asleep and then he woke up again. Next morning Tamarereti had a guest waiting for him at the door, It was Ranginui. Tamarereti was sure he was bound to be punished for destroying Ranginui's perfect dark sky. But Ranginui did not punish Tamarereti Ranginui said karora Tamarereti. Ranginui also said that he will also put

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