Thursday, 7 July 2016

Te Tuhi

First thing in the morning my classroom was separated into two teams. There were two groups, group one and group two. Group one went first to a place called Te Tuhi which was down in pakuranga. Then group one came back after morning tea. When group one came back group two went to Te Tuhi in the same bus that group one went on. Te Tuhi was an art centre. When we came it looked like it was night time but it was not night time. When group two came to Te Tuhi art centre was a place the was filled with amazing art. When we came to Te Tuhi Art centre we were having a tour around the art centre by a man named Jeremy. Jeremy was the toret of te Tuhi. There were two lines, one was for the boys and one was for the girls. Jeremy talk us to the place where you can make your own dream house out of shapes. But before we made our dream house we had to put our names and what classroom with a pencil.

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