Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Designing our very own land boat waka

We are designing a land boat because when we grow up we will know how to build one and drive one. We are also designing a land boat because we are learning how to think better. We are also making it for a competitive challenge by using technology in it.

The design of my land boat will be hard wood to sharpen because i am wanting to make my land boat look like a waka so the sharp parts are going to be used to make my waka look a lot like a waka, Hard wood because almost anything or anyone that we put in the land boat will be easy to hold, old rags because when the wind blows then our land boat will be able to move,little thin wood for the wheels because the wheels do most of the spadework because for example a car, there’s the wheels right, when a person drives a car they need wheels so that when the person drives the car then wherever that person goes the wheels will make them move and last but not least we will try to use science to make carbon fiber so that it is not too heavy because if it is too heavy then it will break and if it breaks my team will have to fix or build it again.

When we finish our planning and building then we will get a chance to play with it and  have our competition.

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