Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Smart Shoe

I think that this product looks like a spy and used to keep your toes compatible and also to keep your legs warm because of the sigh in the in the front,it looks like a mysterious spy person or a mysterious secret spy company made it for other spy’s around the world and also because it think in the inside it has a thing to warm up your legs and toes.I think that the materials made out of metal,carbon fiber,black & white materials.  

I think the shoe is solving a problem about older people's hands because elder people’s hand might be tired of using their hand to push themselves on a wheelchair because elder people’s hands are getting really tired and us kids don’t want that to happen to our elders.  

This product is a Smart Shoe that comes in any size for any person. The Smart Shoe  is a smart technology footwear in which shoe insoles are connected to a smartphone application that uses Google maps,and vibrate to tell users when and where to turn to reach their destination. It was introduced in Hyderabad, India in July 2014.

Now that i know what this shoe can do i think that it’s a very splendid idea because it will be easy for little and old people to  warm up their toes and legs without it getting cold in winter. I also know that i will definitely be buying these smart shoes when i grow up. The only reason why i want to buy these smart shoes when i grow up it’s because it is a good thing to use for people. If you were to make some suggestions for the next edition of this product, what would it be? What would you like to see this product being able to do?

I just want to give you the  website for more information

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  1. Smart shoe? I never heard of that before hope it has speed in your Writing Mamarae. Your doing your best keep it up. :)